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The whole play
The whole play wants to express many thoughts, including the language, the classes etc. After reading the play, we have to think more for what Shaw・s thoughts and identity for his society.
The sets in the play are important. We can know the characters about their interests, personalities and their life styles clearly.
There are many characters in the play; all of them have different personalities. They showed different ways to express their thoughts. Some of them are funny, some of them are wrong or wise.
Higgins, a famous phonetic professor, he enjoys his phonetic studying and likes taking note to people・s language. He looked down those can・t speak perfect English. He was a expert in the phonetic area, but he was a spoilt child in getting along with others. He didn・t notice others・ sense and liked ordering others to observe his orders.
Eliza, the heroine of the play, was a poor flower girl ordinary. She wanted to change her action by speaking good English or wearing pretty clothes. She asked Higgins teaching her to be a real lady, she could think more and hoped not only be a flower girl who had higher status in the market. She didn・t belong to the lower class any more. She began to ask for dignity and new life style.
There were roles in the play. Most of them changed their personalities for Higgins or Eliza. Like Clara Hill, she was a pride and innocent girl. She wanted to find a good husband. When she met the :new; Eliza, she tried to change herself also. She could increase her information and knowledge by reading books or joining parties. Mr. Doolittle also changed finally. When he got much money, not only his dress, but also his thoughts were changed. He could afford the responsibility, such as his marriage. There were another roles in the play changed themselves.
Now, we should talk about the classes in the play. The class ladders are very clear in the time. When Eliza was a flower girl, she couldn・t talk with a gentleman or a lady, or she might be taken away by policeman. The separation between the class ladders was serious. The higher class would look down the lower one and became a vicious circle. However, in the play, Shew tried to change the situation. He created Eliza, the heroine who wanted to enter the up class world. She got it! That means the gap between the up class and lower is not deep . If people of the lower class can get more chances in education or training, they can even do better than those who in the up class. Language is another point in the play. We can find out that people used the speaking ways of English to tell people・s identity or class. English men wouldn・t want to learn how to speak English perfectly. In their thoughts, those who spoke good English must be foreigner nobles. The hero of the play was a phonetic expert, he trained a flower girl to be a real lady. Maybe this is Shew・s sarcasm for this.
The ending of the play is surprised me very much. According to the mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with his creature. But in the play, Eliza married with Freddy. Shew・s expression for the romance is strange and different with me. I don・t think this is a happy ending for Eliza and Higgins. I think that they loved each other and they should be together. Shew thought romance shouldn・t be only consist of love. He might feel that the romance just have love is too impractical. He also thought considered more to Eliza and Higgins for their difference in their ages and personalities. I am not sure his insistence. But if I made the play, I would arrange Eliza and Higgins being together in the end. Higgins would change for Eliza・s leaving.

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