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When Freddy and Eliza met each other at the first time, there was a rattling peal of thunder. That made me feel that there will be some unexpected romance between them, but when she met Higgins I wondered was this man the real one who will become her husband. Their encounter began with scores, arguments, and misunderstanding which showed unexplainable attraction between them. Then, during the time that Higgins considered to teach Eliza or not. He had different kinds of expressions which continued to make me feel the ambiguous feelings between them. In other words, I thought they were very interested in each other. One was well - educated and rich, and the other was uneducated and poor. But they had the same quality-CHILDISH which made them fit each other. Although Pickering, Mrs. Pears, and Mrs. Higgins showed some kind of worry, I thought they just said that and expected to see the result. Under this circumstance, they started the courses and let their affections grew day by day. After Eliza finished her task and won the bet for Higgins, the problem came, she fell in love with him. But this love was complicated which produced in daily life, their personalities, their needs, and even the hatred between them. She needed more care from Higgins, but he always took her for granted as a servant (maybe he wasn't, but Eliza felt so). She has been totally transformed form a flower girl to a fair lady, and she needed more support from people she trusted. Higgins, however, couldn't content her. On the contrary, young and gentle Freddy who was fascinated madly with Eliza gave her comfort. Such a young and beautiful lady in the 19 century always needed to find a husband to support her. since she had freedom to choose, and the disappointment of Higgins, she decided to marry Freddy. From the original myth of Pygmalion, we knew that although Pygmalion hated women (like Higgins), he couldn't help fall in love with the beautiful sculpture (which was made by his own hands like Higgins made Eliza a lady by his own hands). At the end, Pygmalion got married with her and lived a happy life, but Higgins didn't. we could see that Bernald Shaw had a different point of view of romance. Eliza married Freddy and didn't live a happy life. They were not elegant and gentle any more, instead, they needed money to make their livings. Both of them had little senses of finance and some other basic knowledge. They had to learn and faced more and more realistic problems. The author didn't follow the tradition that prince and princess were married and lived happily, instead, he let us know that the vanity was useless, and we had to face the truth. I remembered that Higgins said he will make Eliza a lady deserved to a king, but I didn't think she deserved that because she was still a flower girl who was talented and met the right person to teach to behave and talk properly at some glorious occasions. So I still think she had better to marry Higgins.

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