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The play as a whole is interesting. When I first saw the title, I do not know why the author uses ' Pygmalion '. But after finishing the play, I think the play really suits it. Higgins just like the Pygmalion, he creates a new Eliza by teaching her how to speak, and needs her as if she is part of his house. Though we do not know whether Higgins falls in love with Eliza or not, he is used to Eliza and wants her to come back at the end of the play.
The changes of Eliza cost my attention. She was a flower girl who wanted to become a lady in the flower shop. So she went to find Higgins, and wanted him to teach her. During the period, Higgins teaches her how to speak English perfectly, and Pickering shows her manners. Higgins offers her an upper-class life, and gradually she becomes used to it. She gains many things, and also loses many things these days. She gets beautiful pronunciation and manners, but she loses a little dignity and independence, because Higgins always treats her like a servant and she can not afford this kind of luxury life. And we can know that she does not think she and her father are people of lower class for she says to her father, " Youre going to let yourself down to marry that low common woman." Therefore, when the bet is over, she starts to wonder what she is going to do and what is the becoming of her. She, who used to be a flower girl, now wants to earn her living by herself and enjoy the freedom again. Unfortunately, however, she can not do this any more. So she begins to blame both other people and herself, and says to Higgins, " Why did you take my independence from me? Why did I give it up? I am a slave now, for all my fine clothes." Actually, it is not anybody's fault.
Besides, to be a middle-class person is a misery to Mr. Doolittle. He has to marry now, and he does not think it is a pleasant thing. The father and the daughter both become unhappy.
As to the ending, I prefer Eliza to stay beside Higgins. I can not tell exactly why. I just have this kind of feeling that Higgins is the person who makes her a lady, and he must have something in return. I also think maybe Higgins can learn good manners by living with her and Pickering, and this time Eliza will be the teacher. And marry her at last.

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