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Frankly speaking, it is an interesting play. I had seen the film, my fair lady, which is adapted from our textbook, Pygmalion when I was a senior student in junior high school. By that time, the beautiful actress, and the melodious music enchanted me. I think the main cause of the film being so popular is its original play. I think that to act out the play is clearer for us to understand the main idea of it.
There are five acts in this play. As I am concerned, I didn't especially favor with any act. In those two films we had seen in class, I preferred to my fair lady rather than Pygmalion. Besides the surprising ending of my fair lady, there are some differences between my fair lady and Pygmalion. In my fair lady, they had acted out the situation when Eliza was learning to make vowel sounds. To sober the sleepy audiences, the director adopted an interesting way to express the sorrow from Eliza and the hatred to Mr. Higgins. I think the most attractive things of my fair are those songs. In my fair lady, we can see many added plots among the five original acts. As we know, it is a business movie, of course, it must have some particular parts to draw people to see it. However, I don°¶t feel boring with the play at all.
I think I should stop talking about my fair lady and go back to Pygmalion. The usual structure of Shaw's Dissuasion play is: exposition, complication and discussion. In my opinion, I think act one is the overview of the whole play. The most important part is the discussion in the play. The discussion is in act five between Eliza and Mr. Higgins and some discussions between Mr. Higgins and Mr. Doolittle. And the rested acts are the complication, which are digressive. I think the discussion is the main idea. What Shaw wanted to tell is showed up in those discussions. The most important discussions in this play is the conversation between Eliza and Mr. Higgins. Their discussion was an emanation of conflict between person. I think we can learn something from those discussions. The person-to-person conflict may happen to each of you and I. Therefore, we may read the last act in detail and think that if you were Eliza, what would you fight for yourself to against upper class people, who are like Mr. Higgins. Briefly speaking, the play is quite enlightening.

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