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After reading "Pygmalion", I found that this book was a very good book. First of all, when I read Act 1 before, I thought that it was so bored and did not make me felt interesting. But after I read on Act 2, Act 3, Act 4 and Act 5, even though some vocabularies or phrases were very difficult for me, it was so fascinated and I could not imagine the plots of this play were intricate too. Maybe it was the first time for me to read about drama, I thought that it was very unforgettable in my mind.
All of the dialogues showed one of the leading roles-Eliza changed a lot. Firstly she was only a flower girl and sold flowers in the market. Although I could not understand that her special accent, I found that it was very interesting. After she met Higgins and Pickering who came from the upper class, she changed all of her lives. From Act 2, she went to Higgins's laboratory to ask for help in order to become a lady, we found that she made her determination to do that things. After she learned with perfectly elegant diction, Higgins and Pickering let her took part in the party. Maybe her behaviors were so good that everybody could not discover that she was a flower girl formerly. From page 76, we found that Eliza's behaviors were outstanding and everybody thought that she was a princess. At that time, Higgins felt boring, maybe he thought everybody was idiot because the people thought Eliza only from her beautiful appearance. At Act 4, from Eliza's dialogue, we knew that she was completely changed her mind. For example, she made Higgins won this beg and she thought that she also treated her as a flower girl but not a lady. And Higgins told Eliza that his mother would help her to find a man and treat her well, but Eliza felt angrily and said, "I sold flowers. I didn't sell myself. Now you've made a lady of me and I'm not   fit to sell anything else." I found that her feeling was different from Act 2, she might keep her self-respect because now she was a lady. And Eliza's father whose dialogues were the most difficult for me to know that I could not really understand very much.
At last I felt shock because I could not imagine that Eliza married with Freddy. I always thought there was a happy ending that she would marry with Higgins and they would very happy. From page 109, the last dialogue of Eliza, we knew that she still cared for Higgins, but Higgins was so arrogant that made him could not together with Eliza.

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