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The reading journal of Pygmalion
After finishing reading the whole play, there are still many questions left that Bernard Shaw wants to give his readers to think about more. In some ways, he gives many guiding thoughts about how he feels about the relations between man and woman through the conversations between the characters.
  The structure of this play is easy to be found of the sequence of exposition, complication and discussion.
The meeting of Eliza and Higgins is such a coincidence. Without the sudden rain Eliza and Higgins would probably not get to know each other until they die. And without the courage that Eliza has for asking Higgins to give her lessons or the childlike experiment spirits that Higgins keeps in his mind even he may be forty then, this story won't have a start.
Bernard Shaw creates such a meeting that makes the story more reasonable without the possibility of being like a fairy tale. In this way, his play could gives the readers more to think about at the same time as he is going to entertain his readers by the humorous conversations between Eliza and Higgins.
In act two, Eliza wants to learn the standard English because she wants to become a flower girl in a flower shop, and Higgins is willing to teach Eliza how to speak beautiful English because he wants to change himself or to change Pickering. They have their own different purposes originally, but interestingly it in the end of the experiment makes a totally lady out of Eliza, which maybe out of Higgins' and Eliza's expectations.
In page 109, Higgins says "Eliza, I said I'd made a woman of you; and I have. I like you like this." In this sentence it seems that Elaza was a stone before she had met Higgins, and Higgins surly made out a perfect woman out of the pure stone, which is Miss Doolittle. But it is somehow quite different from the Pygmalion myth, Higgins doesn't fall in love with the creation he makes out of the flower girl, Eliza.
To my own expectation, I think that Eliza will come back to Higgins's home and stay with him, taking care of him because in the end of act five Eliza still keeps caring about Higgins' gloves and his tie, which shows the love that Eliza still has towards Higgins to my own explanations.

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