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Posted on Sat Nov 14 11:44:55 1998
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"The teachers humiliated to have felt so vindictive toward a mere boy." I think that teachers dislike Paul for he showed no respect to them. When they knew "it's a sort of way I have of saying things regardless." and "I happen to know that he was born in Colorado, only a few months before his mother die out there of a long illness." These teachers felt that Paul is just a boy, they should not set Paul in the gruesome game of intemperate reproach.
In my opinion, Paul does not have good communication with his father .We can see it in these sentences. "He was so much later than usual that there would certainly be inquiries and reproaches." Paul even has a thought that his father doesn't love him . I got the idea from these sentences "Suppose his father had come down, pistol in hand, and he had cried out in time to save himself. Then again, suppose a day should come when his father would remember that night, and wish there had been no warning cry to stay his hand? "
Paul is not realized in his hometown. When he is in New York, he doesn't need to be realized. He lived in a place where can satisfies his imagination and desire. In page
263, "Several of Paul's teachers had a theory that his imagination had been perverted by garish fiction, but the truth was that he scarcely ever read at all.
Actually Paul is not an ambitious person, he only wants to lead a life of consider-able luxury. In page 267, "He had no desire to meet or to know any of these people; all he demanded was the right to look on and conjecture, to watch the pageant."
I think the sentence "elastic power of claiming the moment mounting with it, and find it all sufficient." is interesting, and the image is quiet vivid. This shows the emo-tion of Paul closely. How I wish that someday when I listen to a song, I can think of this kind of words to describe my feelings.
In the end, I want to say that Paul and the environment are responsible for the tra-gedy, because Paul gives up himself easily. He does not try to discuss his problem with his father or take responsibility of taking money away. The environment also has to be responsible for these adults doesn't pay attention to what Paul really wants but ask him to do jobs that he is not interested in. I think that the story provided us to be aware of the thought of those who are in Paul's condition.

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