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Posted by Stacy
Posted on Mon Jan 11 12:33:13 1999
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(Paul・s Case)
Grimy streets, covered in dirt, soot, and ash- this is the way the steel

Plant Pittsburgh showing in the story. And the setting was on the Cordelia

Street where Paul lived. I can understand why Paul loved the *red

Carnation* so much for red really has great contrast to the city with gray

And dusty. Paul・s life was really like a red carnation that bloom suddenly on

The Cordelia street. As he wore a red carnation in his buttonhole to see

The teachers, the adornment the faculty somehow felt was not properly

Significant of the contrite spirit befitting a boy under the ban of

Suspension. However, I think Paul tried to be different from his

Environment and the red carnation made he feel in the upper standard

From other people. Paul・s ideal to be in upper class can be seen in his

Behavior at school. Paul thought himself not belonging to Cordelia Street

And what worst is that he even looked down and contempt the people

There. For example, once the teacher tried to instruct he in class and he

Rejected violently so that the teacher really felt being insulted. Besides his

Rude to the teacher he also being considered impertinence and disorder,

And I think that・s because he regarded himself as a red carnation and a

Red carnation is not matching the steel plant as Pittsburgh and all of this

Showed that he was a misfit in the society! In my opinion, Cather tried to

Visualize the case like Paul in order to rise a awakening of put emphasis

On this kind of teenagers. In addition to the shoal, Paul・s father plays an

Important role in the whole tragedies. As we can discover in the story,

The economically situation in Paul・s family was not so poor for him to steal

Money. But his father was very stingy that he never backs for his

Motherless son. Therefore, I think the environment as well as his

Father has to take the major part of the responsibility. Speaking to

The quest for upper life of Paul, one example is that he disliked his

Yellow-wallpapered room and preferred the high-classed hotel room

In New York which is worthy of the red carnation. As far as New York is

Concerned, this city is tremendously contrasted with Pittsburgh. Paul

Imagined thousands of times travelling in New York for the city is

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