Subject Journal of "Paul's Case"
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Journal of "Paul's Case"
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At the first of the story, we know that "Paul's case" is not a pleasure case. Paul made his teachers angry because of his insolence, but latter they realized that Paul is not intentional to do those things. Paul's actions due to his special thought and he always want to be unique.

Actually, the reason why Paul always insolent his teacher is that he does not like the people whose level is same as his. He likes to be one of the people from upper class. And there is a sentence," It was at the theatre and at Carnegie Hall that Paul really lived; the rest was but a sleep and a for a forgetting." Which can explain the situation quite clearly.

Besides, I don't think that Paul is really love art. If one is really love art, he/she will work hard to understand and to feel what the artist or the composer try to express. But Paul doesn't care about what true art is but the atmosphere. Like the statement in the 32nd paragraph (P`263), "He had no desire to become an actor, any more than he had to become a musician íK what he want was to see, to be in the atmosphere."

Then talking about the ending of the story. It is of course a tragedy. A person cannot live in his/her own fantasy and Paul did not acknowledge what reality is, he did not change his attitude toward reality. Even when the moment he hit the train, he still have the blue of Adriatic water, the yellow of Algerian sands in his mind. So when we talk about who is responsible for the tragedy, Paul himself should take most of the responsibility.

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