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Posted on Mon Nov 9 20:21:57 1998
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The female narrator was suffering from postpartum depression. Her husband wanted to cure her and ordered her to rest. They moved into an old house, and the husband hoped that his wife could recover health. The narrator liked to write, but her husband stop her interest. She felt bored and began to watch the yellow wallpaper in their room. However, she found that there was a woman behind the wallpaper. Gradually, not only one woman, more and more women were creeping behind the wallpaper. Finally, she tore off all wallpapers on the wall and crept like those women.
From the short story, we would find the narrator was different from her husband (John) very much. She was so sensitive to everything that she could see and touch. In her thoughts, there was something strange in the old house; she was superstitious. However, John was completely the opposite, he was a physician, he was so practicable that he never believed his wife・s words. In the fact, he thought that his wife was suffering from depression. He tried to cure as he could, so what he could do just order her rest, rest, and rest. The narrator didn・t agree the treatment actually, but she didn・t against her husband・s orders. She might have no courage to refuse the order of the physician (her husband).
The narrator was afraid of everyone at first, including John, Jenny, even her baby, she was uneasy to contact with others. However, when she started to watch the wallpaper, she gradually became braved to her husband. Therefore, she described John from respectful to distanced. The narrator felt that wallpaper was ugly and she hated it very much. With that she stayed in the room more often, and she looked at the wallpaper deeply. She felt the wallpaper was a jail where closed many women, and she thought John also wanted to control her, like the wallpaper. So, she destroyed the wallpaper finally, then John couldn・t control her. We could know that narrator had thought herself into the women behind the wallpaper.
The creeping woman in this story was symbolic. Women have been treated unfairly for a long time. We are controlled by men and unreasonable rules. These creeping women are meaning that we want to get freedom very much. However, we have no courage to against men publicly. Creeping means an act that can・t be found easily.
The author of the story was also suffering from depression, like the narrator of the story. She was also forbidden to write or work, expect for taking rest. Therefore, she wrote the story to describe the treatment from the physician hospital. We will find her determination that want to get rid of the hospital was so strong.


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