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Posted on Tue Nov 10 08:20:37 1998
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The Yellow Wallpaper
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In this story, the narratorˇ¦s husband (John) is also her doctor because she has postpartum depression. Therefore, John seems to have double powers over his wife. On the one hand, he, as a husband, has the responsibility to love his wife and be concerned about her; on the other hand, he has the professional knowledge to control the narrator by telling her what she can or canˇ¦t do so that she will be taken care well and get health quickly.
This kind of relationship makes the narrator and her husband a little bit uneasy. I donˇ¦t think John is a good husband. He just offers orders and doesnˇ¦t really know what his wife wants. For example, he refuses the narratorˇ¦s request for going outside; he doesnˇ¦t allow her to write; he doesnˇ¦t believe what his wife says. When the narrator is deeply worried and anxious, he doesnˇ¦t give any help to her. This husband, john, seems not to be understanding, and there is still a distance between them because the narrator doesnˇ¦t tell John everything she knows.

According to this story, we learn that what John uses to try to cure his wife is ˇ§rest cureˇ¨. That means, the patient has to take as much rest as possible and donˇ¦t do anything. The narrator seems to be uncomfortable about this method, but she thinks that she has to obey her husband so she still stays there.

The Wallpaper can be symbolic of the limit and constraints of women in the society. Since the wallpaper is the gate which prisons women who are created by the narratorˇ¦s imagination, itˇ¦s like the limit which a society puts on women.

As to creeping women, it shows that women are still struggling through the process of being free. Most women still canˇ¦t stand up and enjoy a life for herself. There is still a long way for women to go, and what counts is that women should be real aware of this situation and know what to do.

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