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Journal of "The Yellow Wallpaper"
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"John is a physician, and perhapsˇK perhaps that is one reason I do not get well faster," the author wrote this sentence maybe because she wants to talk about the relationship between doctors and patients because herself has suffer from postpartum depression as the narrator has in this story. We all know that the duty of a doctor is tell his/her patient how to do and what to do can help he/she become a healthy person. Doctor seldom plays the part of his/her patient's friend. It is almost impossible to ask a doctor sit with his/her patient and listen to he/she talking about how he/she feel.

A doctor seems a symbol for power and for one who always gives orders. When the doctor become the husband, it is not so tolerable anymore. A husband is considering as a person who can listen to his wife and know her feelings. Unfortunately, the narrator's husband is also a doctor. So no one will talk with her and share her pain.

As to the narrator's imagination about the woman/women imprisoned in the yellow wallpaper. The reason why she wants to tie the woman up is kind of revenge for the constraints which patriarchal society gave. Sometimes we can find those rules we girls/women should abide by usually not told by our father but our mother. This is the same as why the narrator wants to tie the free woman up.

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