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Posted by Jenny
Posted on Mon Dec 7 18:15:57 1998
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The poem is not about art but human suffering .
The poem allude to three paintings . The first painting and the second one were drawn by Breughel , the third one was by Here . W.H .Auden wrote the poem from the inspiration of the paintings , but he ovserved from the other angle of tose. As a result , there is something different between the original connotation of the paintings and poem .
The poem talks more about the painting of Icarus , from the painting , it shows indifference to drowing massacre . On the side of daily life , the farmer still doing their job and the ship continues its sailing . No one pay attention to the fall of Icarus . It seems very weird , but contrasted with our common life , such a thing may happen any where and any time . People have their own excuse to not to care aboout others . No matter what status they are , everyone is all suffering from their pains which comes from every part , like economic problem or something else . Everyone try to keep on living . Focusing on themselves so much that makes them neglect others .
About the viration sentence lenghs , the irregular line length represent our life conbine regular with irregular things and so does the end rhyme , like " wrong " in first line , " along " in fourth line and " waiting " in fifth line , " skating " in seventh line and so on .

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