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Posted on Mon Dec 7 18:48:05 1998
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Nine syllables in each one of nine lines indicate that the process of pregnancy is totally nine months. It's really very interesting and creative. How marvelous the writing skill is. If I don't see the questions that web sites provide, I think I won't notice that. I want to analyze each line one by one. In the first line, she says she is a riddle in nine syllables; the tone is very humorous for she wants us to guess what happens to her. But the poem, she has already reveled the answer to the riddle; the correct answer is pregnancy. She also describes herself as an elephant, a ponderous, and a melon strolling on two tendrils because her belly is so big that looks like a fat woman and her two legs are thin as two strolling tendrils. Then she begins to use some good words like "red fruit, ivory, and fine timbers" to relate her child. We know "red fruit" is very sweet and tasty. It refers to her cute and beloved child. The word "ivory", its denotation is the teeth of the elephant; the connotation for the word could be pure and valuable. The word is very appropriate to be used to describe a newborn. She also uses these words "fine timbers" as though the newborn is like the furniture, which is made up of various fine timbers in the house. Following, "this loaf's big with its yeasty rising" just like the tummy of the pregnant woman gradually becomes big. This sentence let me fell the poem she is very creative. She can compare her belly to the yeasty loaf. It's very funny, isn't? Next, new-minted money maybe mention the child, after all he/ she is indeed worthy to be cherished. She ads "new- minted" before "money" to emphasize the child is actually new to the world. Meanwhile, the poem is like the fat pure that is full of lots of money. In the next line she writes "I am a means' a stag, a cow in calf." From these words we can be sure that she is pregnant. At first, when I see "a cow in the calf" I wonder why a cow is inside a calf. After, it occurs to me that originally it presents pregnancy. I should combine these words into a meaningful phrase. Then she says she've eaten a bag of green apples. That not only indicates pregnant women like to eat sour foods but also eat a lot. I think "green apples" also can be explained as "morning sickness" because a green apple already very sour not to mention a bag of green apples, they must be very sure and make pregnant woman feel uncomfortable even want to spit. So far, she has a mood with joy and hope. However, in the last line, she says, "Boarded the train there's no getting off". There are contrasts between this line and the other eight lines. It seems that she is regretful but it's too late. So she use those strange words like "elephant, house, melon, purse, and means" to describe herself. Generally speaking, pregnant women are the most beautiful and people have never seen them as elephants or melons. At the last line I feel that she is a little regretful because the train is always going straight and seldom stop especially the trains that are used to carry woods or coals.

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