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Disillusionment of Ten O'clock
"The houses are haunted by white night- gowns." The houses are not really haunted, but it means people wear white night- gowns in the houses. People's lives are so simple, ordinary, and plain like ghosts that are not alive. "white" this color also doesn't give us any special feelings. It could represent simple life, no many activities, and no change in life.
"None are green, or purple with green ringsˇKblue rings." These words indicate there seems to have no color in their life. Not only everyone in the houses is the same; none is special and particular, but also the life doesn't always vary like "ring" its form is circle, which is no beginning and no end. It can reflect their life is always the same; they can't get rid of the range they make. Can't seek different kinds of living styles or pursue their own ideals. The colors such as green, yellow, purple, and blue could be used in opposition to white. These colors represent a kind of writing skill called imagery. The poet gives us these colors to let us imagine. Like green could be seen as alive because when spring comes, the grass is all green symbolizing alive. Yellow could be explained as the color of earth. Purple let us feel a bit of royalty and luxury for the ancient rulers in China wear yellow or purple robes. Blue it could be meant the color of sky, which looks comfortable and beautiful. These colors are symbols of fulfillment and colorful; on the other hand, white it doesn't have any special feelings for us, and it could be thought of dead. When winter comes, there will be white snow in the United States. Even life like trees and flowers are dead covered with white snow. So these colors are a kind of contrast to white.
The poet, he also says "none of they are strange, with socks of lace and beaded ceintures." Meaning there is no decoration on their bodies, each of them only wears a suit of white night- gown without any decoration. It represents their life is very steady and nothing special happens to them. Everyone is the same; none of them are strange like "sheep" in A&P. none dare to be an outstanding or particular person. Even in the dream they don't dream of baboons and periwinkles because baboons and periwinkles are not easy to be seen in American, that is, they are very special. Again it proves people in the houses are always the same.
However, only an old sailor, he dares to be different from other people, and he is willing to follow his ideal. Maybe because the sailor he can travel to many places, see many new things, and he always has advantages, he is completely different from those people. He also doesn't need to wear a suit of white night- gown; he can drink wine happily and sleep in his boots. He can have a dream of catching tigers in red weather. Catching tigers means he is very brave and encouraged. He is willing to take up a challenge. Even in hot and passionate weather. Actually, he is different from people in the houses.
I think the poet he mentions two kinds of living styles to let us know, realize, and analyze them. Maybe he wants to arise people whose lives are very simple to be brave to pursue their own ideals and to be themselves. So the title is called "disillusionment of ten o'clock". "ten o'clock" it just time; means ordinary things. "disillusionment" means something is broken and can't be come true. Suppose that's the reason why the title is named "Disillusionment of Ten O'clock".

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