Subject I'm nobody! Who are you?
Posted by Maurice
Posted on Mon Dec 7 19:17:19 1998
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The reading journal of "I'm Nobody. Who Are You?"
First, I want to say this is really an interesting poem. In the first stanza, the speaker sounds like a naughty
child. He asks the reader if you're a nobody too. In fact, the speaker believes that the reader is certainly a nobody too. So he without much concern says "Then there's a pair of us!" I think by this way the speaker pulls the reader more closer to him and make the reader in the same situation with him, just being a nobody with the speaker no matter who the reader really is a nobody or not.
And then the speaker says "Don't tell! They'd banish us-you know!" This is really like the words a naughty
child would say, and again the speaker make the reader be a nobody. In the second stanza, the tone the
speaker speaks in changes. It seems to be an adult's way of speaking, or I should say it's much closer to
the inner thoughts the speaker keeps in mind, or perhaps it's used to be a contrast of the first stanza on
purpose because it sounds like the speaker himself is a somebody but also feels bored to be somebody
since he says "How dreary -to be-Somebody! ; How public-like a Frog-" It makes me feel the one who is
speaking is really a somebody because he knows so clearly the feelings of being somebody. I think most
nobodies would want to be somebodies one day and they are quite longing for the way how a somebody
would draw the public's attention. The speaker at first supposes his readers are nobodies and he is no-
body too so that he knows quite well how a nobody would feel inside about being a somebody, but he tries
to explain that being somebody is boring and would feel like a frog. So, the speaker's purpose is quite
clear now, just as the tone in which he speaks in the first stanza. It's as an invitation as "Come on! Join us!
Join the companionship of nobody! Don't feel like being somebody. It's boring and make you a frog to be
somebody. So why don't you join us now?" In conclusion, this short poem is really not only interesting but a
lso very meaningful if you can just think about the difference between being nobody and somebody.

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