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Poetry unit 2: Simile, Metaphor, Identity & Gender
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After reading ¡§Aunt Jennifer¡¦s Tigers¡¨, we could see that the speaker was the supporter of feminism because the speaker described the tigers prancing, proud and afraid and they did not fear the men. Maybe the tigers replaced as Aunt Jennifer¡¦s mind and her thoughts were opposite of the men. It was because women were not equal as men at that time, women had not any chance to strive against oppression of men. They had to endure the social system of males and females should be treated differently, so the speaker expressed her emotions and her experiences were so strong. For example, ¡§The massive weight of Uncle¡¦s wedding band sits heavily upon Jennifer¡¦s hand.¡¨ I thought that Aunt Jennifer married with her husband and she found that the marriage was a crushing burden because the speaker talked about in this poem, when Aunt Jennifer died, she still ringed with ordeals, maybe she thought that the marriage was liked a heavy chain, she was mastered by her husband and she
should not avoid it forever.
Another poem ¡§Metaphors¡¨, the speaker wanted to talk about a pregnant woman and the presentations of pregnancy were so interesting that I like it very much. The tone of the poem was special because there were nine lines in this poem and there were nine syllables in each line. There were six sentences described about a pregnant woman. For example, ¡§An elephant¡¨ meant she was so fat that she was liked an elephant. ¡§A ponderous house¡¨ meant a baby lived inside her stomach. ¡§A melon strolling on two tendrils.¡¨ Maybe ¡§a melon¡¨ related to her stomach and ¡§ two tendrils¡¨ related to her legs. ¡§ This loaf¡¦s big with its yeasty rising¡¨ and ¡§ I¡¦m a means, a stage, a cow in calf.¡¨ They also described about a pregnant woman. ¡§ I¡¦ve eaten a bag of green apples¡¨ It meant that a pregnant woman would get sick just liked eaten green apples and the last line ¡§ Boarded the train there¡¦s no getting off.¡¨ I imagined that a woman once being a mother, she would always be a mother until the day she died. And there were two sentences ¡§O red fruit, ivory, fine timbers!¡¨ ¡§Money¡¦s new-minted in this fat purse.¡¨ They also described about the baby that he seemed sweetly, lovely and valuable in his mother¡¦s mind.
I thought that ¡§Metaphors¡¨ this speaker was as same as the speaker of ¡§Aunt Jennifer¡¦s Tigers¡¨ It was because they had the same thoughts and the same feelings. They also talked about the female mentality. They knew that they had not any choices to do things and they had not their own ideas at that time. They had to obey their husbands or their fathers, so that they thought that they were unfair. They wanted to become independent and not to control by the men again.

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