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Posted on Mon Dec 7 21:04:32 1998
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1. Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
From the poem, we will find that Aunt Jennifer's relation with her husband was not equal and happy. We could feel her unhappiness and fear to her husband and marriage. The wedding band (ring) controlled Aunt Jennifer; and she couldn't against her husband. Not until the poor woman was dead could she be free and her terrified could lie.
She used colorful topaz to show the tigers' spirits. They looked so lively and brave. What she could see on the screen is the lively tigers pacing in the forest freely.
The tigers' characteristics in the poem are courageous. They didn't fear the men behind the tree. I think that Aunt Jennifer imaged herself as the tigers. She wanted to show her courage to face her husband and suffers in her marriage. She hoped that she could have more self-conviction before her husband and people. However, she was also afraid of her fight would fair. Therefore, she made the picture-tapestries that had tigers to achieve her wish and thoughts in her mind.
The tone of the poem is full of pity and sympathy. The poet used an onlooker's opinion to describe Aunt Jennifer's tigers. She understood what sorrows that Aunt Jennifer suffered from. However, she couldn't do anything for her. Maybe at the time, women didn't have enough strength to be independent and counter men. Too many social rules and religion controlled; women's status is low for a long time. Up to now, women can work outside to support her family and don't be limited at home to keep houses. Women also have freedom to choice their marriages. Although many people have changed their opinions to sexual inequality, we can find that women don't get real equality in some conditions. Sexual inequality still exists in our society constantly. We women should have common consensus to change the problem. If we suffer any inequality, we can't fear, and we should stand for our rights bravely.
2.I am Nobody! Who Are You?
Emily Dickensen's biography showed her personality clearly. She often thought much to everything about her environment, such as her school, religion and friendship. She liked to study them. If they couldn't respond to her principles; she could forsake them easily and ruthlessly. She believed herself completely, so she became eccentric regularly.
I think the poem showed her personality completely. If be nobody, we may be along and isolated, but we can enjoy peace. I see myself as both somebody and nobody. When I feel tired or want to think something, I hope I am nobody. Then people and noise won't bother me, and I can get more space to let my mind to recover calm. However, when I do something successful, I will hope that I am somebody. I need people's applause and sureness. I think that people can't be divided themselves to nobody and somebody completely. Maybe Emily Dickensen was a special person, because she almost forsakes and is far away people.

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