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Posted on Tue Dec 8 01:34:41 1998
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~Musee des Beaux Arts~
This poem tries to explain the position of human society through a painting, so it doesn't really explain the arts. There are daily activities and tragedies filled with our life. "Its human position; ˇKwhile someoneˇKwalking dully alone." In this two sentences, "its" means the sufferings. It shows that ordinarily tragedies will happen in our daily life just when we are eating, opening a window, skating and even walking. In order to present that life has many challenges, not always calm and flat, the sentence structure of the first, second and third stanza irregular---a long sentence comes after a short sentence, then a short sentence comes after a long sentence.
Not only the poem but also the painting shows the indifference to Icarus's drawning of the people on the ship and the farmer. I guess the reason why the farmer didn't help him was that he was busy plowing, so he didn't notice it. Like the farmer, most of modern people will still be ignorant when tragedy happens. Or he had to make his living to support his family, so he couldn't save Icarus's life at the risk of losing his own. Though he knew that saving other's life was a good thing to do. Take the mayor election for instance, many people think that Mr.Chen did a good job in the last four years, but they still voted to Mr. Ma. Why? Because they want to earn money from stock markets. Therefore, they chose to vote Mr.Ma instead.
And the expensive delicate could stop and help but it didn't. It was so much like the person who always stand aside and watch with folded arms when someone is in trouble. I don't appreciate those people who are always gazing at without seeing. It seems that they enjoy taking pleasure in other's misfortune.
IN the last sentence, it says," HadˇK sailed calmly on." Don't you think it's so ironic, especially "sailed calmly on". What kind of attitude they held toward the drowning of Icarus! The last five sentences are the same in length. I think the author wanted to make a pedestrian end and also he left lots of space for us to think further.

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