Subject Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
Posted by Monica
Posted on Tue Dec 8 01:40:30 1998
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Aunt Jennifer・s Tigers
Aunt Jennifer must have an unhappy marriage. :The massive weight of Uncle・s wedding band / Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer・s hand.; Generally speaking, a wedding band is a symbol of marriage and love. On every occasion, a newly-married woman must be very proud of showing her wedding band. But to Aunt Jennifer, the wedding band was like a strong strip binding her tightly. It was so heavy that made Aunt Jennifer・s fingers flutter through her wool.
It is typically that Aunt Jennifer was a traditional woman. And she might be a housewife. She did not have her own career and every day she just did some house chores. In her real life, she could not get the same equal position as her husband did. Maybe she was always constrained by Uncle. Only when she sewed tigers on the screen, she could gain some kind of release. From this pome, the speaker said, : Aunt Jennifer・s tigers prance across a screen.; Usually, we think tigers are powerful, violent animals. But the word :prance; means moving with quick and high steps. It gives us a free, unrestricted feeling. And this is what Aunt Jennifer wanted. Also, the tigers were against Uncle because the speaker said, :They do not fear the man beneath the tree. They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.; I think the man means Uncle. Actually, Aunt did not dare to disobey Uncle and was always obedient to Uncle. But I think in her imagination, Aunt must want to be as free as tigers she sewed. And she did not have to fear Uncle.
From the last stanza, we can know that all through Aunt Jennifer・s life, she could not get rid of the nightmare of her marriage. Even when she was dead, her hands still ringed ordeals. But :The tigers in the panel that she made / Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.; Now, tigers are like Aunt・s spirit. Although she was dead, her spirit could get free because she did not have to fear Uncle anymore.

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