Subject mending wall
Posted by Claire
Posted on Tue Dec 8 14:55:46 1998
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Name: Claire
No. 48720045
Poetry 2
Mending Wall

I think there are some objected opinion in this poet. The first line said " something is that does not like a wall". Something here may means "mature". We do not like fence between each other at the beginning. But by and by, we have to make fence to protect our self. During the four to eight lines Robert Frost mentioned the hunters. The hunters here means someone dislike fences. This let the rabbits out of hiding and they could benefit from it. Robert Frost thought it is not very good to make wall between people. He said that " What I was walling in or walling out"? We do not know if the boundary between us are good or not. He said that "I could say 'Elves' to him". Elves are not very good in our mind. Just like offence is not very good for us. He said "like an old-stone savage"." He moves in darkness as it seems to me". According to these two sentence we could find that Robert Frost may made us back to stone age.

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