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Posted by Andrey
Posted on Tue Dec 8 16:02:54 1998
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i'm nobody! who are you?
After reading this poem, i started to wonder myself was nobody or somebody. When I have a meeting with the
English Association I always like to express my opinion and enjoy being a menber of them. At that time, I fell
that I am a person with ability to held activities to have fun with my classmates. But when studying in the classes,
I often hope that I am nobody so that the teachers will not notice me and ask me questions. I can't say that I am a
somebody or nobody because i am two of them. After the three-in-one election, I have deeper feelings from this
poem. The electioneers found falts with each other and had a lot of arguments. They tried their best to show how
good they were and how bad their opponents were. Being a nobody in front of the television, we were forced to
listen to those garbages. Suddenly, the sentence "How public-like a frog-"occured to me that impressed me so
much. I hate to be somebody like those who hurt others because of his own advatages. I hope i can become somebody
who is faithful to myself and a nobody who can learn from others.

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