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Posted by Sophie Ko
Posted on Tue Dec 8 18:00:24 1998
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Name: Sophie
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Topic: Musee des Beaux Arts
If we take a look at the picture before reading the poem, I believe, in the first place, most people will find nothing out of ordinary just like me, and think it as a piece of work that simply represents normal people's lives. Why can't we see the drowning boy and heard the forsaken cry? Because actually there is no any difference between those in the picture and us. I believe this point of view is what the writer is trying to stress on.
This poem is composed of two main portion, one is saying that how the painters think of the suffering, and other is about how everything turns away Quite leisurely from the disaster. The former is contained with irregular line lank to show how people take the greatest suffer calmly. The latter is made up of little regular line lank to tell readers how things can turn out to be totally different in regularity.
"About suffering they were never wrong, the Old Masters: how well they understood its human position; how it takes place. While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking duly along." From these four sentences, we see the painters attitudes toward life, that is tragedies take place in regularity. "Even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course." "Where the dogs go on with their doggy lifeˇK." See, a dog can't get away from its tragic fate, what makes us, human beings, to think that we can neglect ours.
When an expensive delicate ship can sail calmly by a drowning boy without giving him a hand, I wonder what's left in those rich people's heart besides a big fortune. Here the writer makes an obvious contrast between the rich and the ordinary to show how cruel reality can be. A plowman who chooses only to hear the splash but the forsaken cry is the symbol of a person like you and me nowadays. Too much lack of care makes distance between person and person. On the other hand, the writer also mentions about good things and hopes in life, for instance, " the miraculous birth." After all, life is not all about tragedies.

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