Subject poetry 3
Posted by Cerita Liu
Posted on Tue Dec 8 18:21:30 1998
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Subject: A journal to poetry 3
Name: Cerita Liu
School Number: 487200130
Teacher: Kate Liu
Due Date: Dec. 8. 1998

This part we focus on the imagery and symbolism of a poem. There are many wards for it. Image, Imagery and imagism, each of them have different meanings. In order that we can understand it more, we should distinguish them first. There are also many kinds of symbols, such as natural symbols, conventional symbols and literary symbols. Each of them has different definition; we still need to learn it more.
When we comes to poem Harlem written by Hughes, we can see many metaphor and metaphoric images from it. The speaker compared the dream to raisin or to sore or to rotten meat, and at the end he even compared it to a heavy load. What's more, the last sentence said that" Or does it explode?" From that we can know even the speaker himself didn't really know the correct image or images to the dreams, it may be composed by several different elements. No matter it is sweet or not, it is still a dream and van not be changed. As far as I am concerned, I think the speaker was very confused about the real figure of the dream itself. However, he used a lot of concrete object to compare to it, but he didn't find the answer successfully. So the ending he just said the dream explode, then he didn't need to find the answer to it. After all, I don't know it is right or not, but it is just me point of view, and it makes me feel very interesting!
In the other poem In a Station of the Metro written by Ezra Pound, the first impression to me is that----It is really a short poem, I like it! What's more, I think it is that short so it won't have any deeper meanings. However, when I read further in it, it let me think about many things in my mind, including the industrial society, people's relationship and the busy life in the modern cityˇK What's amazing, the only two lines and without any direct mention to the society. He just used the metaphors, to compare the busy people as petals, and the station as the wet, black bough. As we know, petals will die soon, especially in the moisture environment. The speaker used that words to express the images. Actually, I really like this poem. Although it is short, but it also full of power. Using the images to understand the meaning inside, once time I got it, I feel happy and like the poetry more and more.

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