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Posted by Anita
Posted on Tue Dec 8 18:34:54 1998
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It was really hard for me to read poems because I never had the chance to know or to appreciate
English poems because I never had the chance to know or to appreciate English poems, except when I
was in senior high school that I read some simple poems with a lot of explaination and analysis of my
great English teacher. Sometimes I can hardly understand what the poet is talking about and what he or
she wants to express. It's even harder for me to analyze a poem or to tell the techniques the poet uses.
From the poem"A Simile for Her Smile", we can see the simile is extended, not only one part, because
the speaker uses a lot to tell us how he likes or cherishes her beautiful smile. For example,"As when the
highway bridgegates fall, balking the hasty traffic, which must sit on each side massed and staring, while
deliberately the drawbridge strarts to rise", and "The horns are hushed, the oilsmoke rarifies, above the
idling motors one can tell." But my favorite part is that he uses the slip, the flow of a river to describe her
smile, so tender and smooth.
From" I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you--Nobody--too?", we can easily see a lonely person who is
looking for a friend, so we have to read these lines slightly. The speaker shows disdain toward
" somebody ", but she is also afraid to be known as "nobody" because she said," Don't tell! they'd banish
us--you know!" It deeply shows our humanity.
And from" I heard a Fly buzz--when I died", we can see that she can't escape from annoying things even
in her death. She wants to see God, but the fly is always annoying her. The poem is written between dying
and before dying, she has to sign away her keepsakes, and also portion of her becomes assignable.

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