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Posted on Tue Dec 8 18:43:24 1998
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~ One art ~
We has read the poem about four units (actually is five). But I 'd like to say that this unit is the hardest one for me. I am not sensitive to art. Look at the title of the poem -- one "art". Oh! My God! What can I do to it? I'll try my best to figure the main idea of this poem.
After I read through this poem, it seemed to relate to loss rather than art at all. You can the word showed for several times. I suppose that the word would be the key word of this poem. But what does it mean? Let me try to analysis and see if I am correct or incorrect.
In the third stanza, it said "then practice losing farther. Losing faster: places, and names, and where it was you meant to travel." What is the meaning of losing places, and names. I remembered what you said in the class. It could be lost if someone own it. I can say that I lost my name, because I indeed owned it. However, could any one say that he lost a place? I don't think so. The word "lose" here didn't mean lose something. Elizabeth Bishop just explained that someone lost his relationship to others. For example, I've lived in Taipei for 18 years. Everything here is what I am familiar with. If I move to Kaohsiung or where I am not familiar with before for one or two years until I become accustomed to the surrounding. I'll find out that Taipei isn't the city I had been familiar with any more after few years. I think it should be what Elizabeth really meant.
I suppose that Elizabeth Bishop might live in a life without definite residence. She might have to move around and around so that she couldn't establish the relationship to others. I think it is a disaster for people not to relate to others. It's ok for me to lose rivers or mountains, but I'd like to say that I don't want to lose my country and this world.

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