Subject Journal 3
Posted by Anita
Posted on Tue Dec 8 19:09:01 1998
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" The Dance "
From Breughel's great picture and this poem, we can almost feel the joy and the excitement of the
people in the Kermess. I can have a scene in my mind, feel the music of bagpipes, bugles, and fiddles.
The people are kicking and rolling about the Fair Grounds, swinging their butts, and they even prance
when they dance in Breughel's freat picture. I love dancing, so I can precisely understand how excited and
boisterous they are when they are dancine happily in the grounds, and how slight and joyful the music is
when it is played.
" One Art "
In the poem, the speaker is trying to describe the art of losing. We are always losing something, no
matter it's small or big, expensive or cheap. The art of losing is hard to master. We may not feel sad to
lose some realms, two rivers, or a continent because they do not belong to us, they are just being there.
You may miss them, but you'll never take it as a disaster. But we can never lose our mind, our thoughts,
and our conscious heart. Without them, we are no longer real people on the world. We can 't think or even
make decisions for ourselves. We can even hardly read poems and understand them!!

 it's ok to lose the rivers? Kate Wed Dec 9 22:34:21 1998
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