Subject a disllusionment of ten oclock
Posted by stephanie
Posted on Thu Dec 10 19:14:01 1998
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These white nightgowns present that some people are half-alive; they only have the shape of human, but lose the ability of thinking. In line two, the poet uses white rather then colorful as the color of nightgowns. In my opinion, white shows a feeling of monotone. If the poet use other color, such as red, purple, even colorful, we would have a thought that these figures have their own characteristics.
Socks of lace and beaded ceintures are clothes with decoration, and they are
different from those usual nightgowns. People in the house do not wear such special clothes is because they don・t want to be different. The possible reason for people who don・t want to be different is a sense of safety. They don・t have to take a risk and don・t have to face failure alone.
  Even when they were dreaming, they don・t want to dream of something strange. An old sailor is not like the people in the house, he drunk and asleep in his boots, catches tigers in the red weather. He has a concrete figure and movement. Catch tigers is a brave action, because tigers ferocious animals which are hard to catch. A person needs good skill, string figure; probably it would be easier to catch tigers if the person also has keen wit. I think that the tigers symbolize those goals that hard to achieve, for example, freedom, democracy. These goals need people to sacrifice their lives, and red represents blood. I related blood to red in this poem, and :the red weather; gives me a feeling of passion. The poem shows that some people don・t have courage to catch their dream, or they do it only when they are dreaming.

 the sailor Kate Sun Dec 13 22:51:13 1998
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