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Posted by Sharon
Posted on Thu Jan 7 20:53:51 1999
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Sharon Lim
By Sylvia Plath
Metaphors is kind of way to sarcastic one thing or someone with another in an indirect way. After I had read this poem, I think this poem is about a woman who is hating being pregnant. At the beginning of the poem, it is written '' I'm a riddle in nine syllables''. I think that riddle might have refer to her during the period of pregnancy. And the" nine syllables" means the baby would stay nine months in the mother's belly. Again, there are metaphors like the writer compared the baby with an elephant because the baby is huge and heavy. The stomach of the mother grows bigger and bigger everyday. And I think the author used the word ''fat purse", which means the baby is valuable and precious at this time the baby is unborn. But I think in the other words, it might also means after the baby is born, it might cost a lot to bring up the baby. This is my two point of view towards the meaning of "fat purse". Next, the author compared herself with a cow in a calf, whichshe felt herself like act like a pregnant cow. And the feeling of pain is just like when she had eaten a bag of apples. During the period pregnancy of time she is under a lot of limitation. At first, I think her tone was a sort like she was not resigned to the fact that she is pregnant because she used the word ''riddle'' to represent herself. But at end of the poem, it's written " Boarded the train there's no getting off ". I think maybe she might have realized and felt that she should take up the responsibilities of being a mother and there is no way for her to return. Just like if you boarded a train, there is no way for you to get off at will unless it arrived at the destination. To conclude, i think the tone of this poem was uncertain and it's quite emotional on the last line when she accept to face the fact. ,

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