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Posted on Tue Dec 15 17:26:54 1998
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Basically the poem is a riddle for us to guess, and after reading the first three lines we can imagine her shape. After reading the rest of it we can know how she thinks about her situation. Therefore, at the end we find that she is with a baby.

After a delicate arrangement of the poet, every line of this poem is in nine syllables. Besides, according to the first line: ˇ§Iˇ¦m a riddle in nine syllablesˇ¨, I think itˇ¦s interesting that there are also nine lines in the poem and women are usually pregnant for nine months.

There are lots of metaphors in this poem, and the speaker thinks that she is like the things she has mentioned. Some of them are positive(melon, fine timbers), and some of them are negative(ˇ§moneyˇ¦s new-minted, train), and according to the process we can feel that she is excited for having a baby at first, but gradually she becomes more and more unhappy.
Maybe at the beginning she feels very happy and content to have a baby. She may feel glorious because she thinks that she has a very precious creature to take care of, and she become the same precious and important as her baby. Besides, she knows that how her family will be delightful when the baby is born. The baby itself also means a hope and there is every kind of possibility in it. But gradually she may find that it isnˇ¦t so fun to have a child because there are lots of responsibility she has to take.

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