Subject Aunt J's Tigers
Posted by Stacy
Posted on Mon Jan 11 12:44:45 1999
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I am quite enjoying read these poems because the theme is about the woman identity! A. Rich・s :Aunt Jennifer・s Tigers; is my favorite one. As I read it for the first time I・ve totally get lost of what the denotation is and what is the tiger・s connotation. After read through several times I discover that the tigers are the spiritual substitute for Aunt J・s comfort. The image of Aunt J is an artist who sewing picture-tapestries and needlepoint. This also imply that she may be a wife who is restricted to domestic so that the only thing she can do to release her ambition was to create a lively work of art. A. Rich used puns to make the poem more meaningful. For instance, Aunt J・s fingers fluttering through her wool. Flutter is a pun for butterfly flutters with wings as well as pass her fingers unsteadily over. I think it has an ironic meaning here. And I guess ring is also a pun that has a negative indication. The wedding band, presumably, has an invisible weight for woman in the present as well as in the past. The tigers are a symbol for the oppressed energy of woman and she also mentioned that after Aunt J was dead, the tigers would go on prancing and unafraid. A. Rich is one of the proponents of feminist and the energetic tigers are personified. There・s an anther poem about the woman・s identity is S. Plath・s :Metaphors;. The nine syllables are suggest as the process of bearing a baby needs nine months. As I read it I can feel the strongly feeling that the tone is full of resignation. S. Plath is a witty, beautiful woman of promising future; however, she still have to carry the burden from the gender, and expecting a baby is a mixture of joy and resignation that she had to accept. There・s some kind of contradiction that she made fun of herself bitterly and at the end shows a negative meaning!

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