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The whole play is really interesting, especially after I see the movie "My fair lady". Though I don't know about the structure of the play well, I still think this is a successful play, the simple reason is that it attracts me, I like their dialogue, some of them are really interesting. Actually as we know, every movie or story all has its structure, the most common way is that they tell the story at first, then a problem raises and then comes the climax which the most attractive part of the story, finally the ending comes. I think this play use the same structure, at first, it tells us how Eliza and Higgins meet each other, then it tells us why Eliza went to see him. After they achieved that goal, a problem raised, that is what will Eliza become? I think the special part of this play is that there is no ending. And it's really ambiguous that whom Eliza will marry?
Next I want to talk about some parts of this play. I would like to talk about Eliza as a beginning. At first, she went to see Higgins just because she wanted to be a lady in a flower shop, maybe at this she didn't quite understand what is a lady, if she knew it, I believe that she would prefer to be a flower girl. Anyway, she is the person who changes the most in this play. When she is still a poor girl, the only thing she cares about is Money, however after becoming a real lady, what does she want is not money but Love, Caring and Respect. For example, when she went to see Higgins, she thought she could use money to buy anything. Pay and get is the way she only knows. Later, when she got angry with him, she even turned back that ring to Higgins, that shows she pays more attention to her caring than the material things. I like Eliza, because she knows what she wants and she has courage to achieve it, she also has strong self-esteems.
Mr. Doolittle is a funny character, at first, he went to find Higgins to ask some money for his daughter. He doesn't care about Eliza, he only wants some money to drink. And when Higgins wants to give him ten pounds, he refused, because he doesn't want to worry about the rest of money. He just wants moment enjoy, he said he is an undeserving poverty, because he doesn't have any morality, he doesn't work hard and doesn't obey the social rules, such as marriage. He is like a free man, doesnˇ¦t have burden, he does what he wants to do and that makes him happy. While after he became a richer, he doesn't feel happy, because now he has to give money to others and he finds those people who don't care him before all come around him. He knows it's because money makes him different, though he doesn't like it, however he still accept those money and decides to become a middle class person, he begins to dress well and wants to speak more beautifully, even he decides to get marry. See, money really can change a person.
Mr. Higgins is a practical man, he only interests in phonetics. He said that" Happy is a man who can make a living by his hobby. He is like "Pygmalion" in the mythology, he doesn't like women, but he also seems him to love what he created, Eliza. He gives her a ring and becomes so nervous when he finds her disappear, if he doesn't like her, then why does he do all that things. Actually, his social performance isn't very well, he isn't like his mother who is so good at human relationship. Mrs. Higgins is more sensible than Higgins, she knows what Eliza feels and stands with her, while Mr. Higgins still can't figure out is it so important that show his caring out. However, he neglects what others' feeling, he pays more attention on himself, maybe he didn't want to hurt Eliza on purpose, it is just because he is a direct person, he is not good at talking.
Freddy is the only person who shows strong love to Eliza, no wonder, she wants to marry him. I think maybe Freddy will be a good husband, but maybe he only loves Eliza's beauty or why he didn't love her at the first sight. So it's hard to say, but there is one thing can sure, it is he has what Higgins hasn't. He shows respect, caring and love to Eliza, I think those things are really important to a flower girl, because she never experiences it before. So if there is anyone who shows to her, she will regards him to be important. OK, I think I talk too more, so I should stop here. Finally I think this play is really interesting, it can make us to think about some question, like money, class, love and sure language.

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