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Posted by Sue
Posted on Tue Jan 12 17:16:14 1999
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Among all the five acts, I'd like to talk about act 3. At the beginning, we can see many good things, such as nicknacks, Morris wallpapers and Morris chintz window curtains. The room was well decorated, and showed a kind of upper class. Of course, it belonged to a lady, Mrs. Higgins, who was Mr. Higgins' mother.
In this act, I think the plot flew fast, and attracted me very much. Mr. Higgins appeared in his mother's at-home day and brought Eliza there. At first, when Mr. Higgins was talking to his mother, he showed his rudeness. He was brusque that I think to be the reason why he couldn't understand Eliza's thinking. In this act, the main point should be Eliza's change.
When she appeared in Mrs. Higgins' at-home day, her appearance was just like a lady. She was exquisitely dressed, produced an impression of such remarkable distinction and beauty as she entered that they all rose, quite fluttered. Even those who had ever seen her could not remember that she was the flower girl. Otherwise, I think it was a test of Mr. Higgins' experiment. He brought her to his mother to see whether she had become a lady or not. She was even limited to talk only about weather and health. However, one can never only talk about two limited things. So, when they were talking the influenza, she mentioned her dead aunt. While she was talking this, she revealed her low class. She used slang: "do somebody in" and she even thought of her aunt's indulges excessive drinking as nothing. In this small test, she failed. A real lady wouldn't talk about death during such a happy atmosphere. And, a lady wouldn't use slang. Mr. Higgins explained it as a new small talk, but it still showed her ill manner.
After that, she was brought to another feast. There, what she appeared was just like a lady from the heavens. This plot was really funny. She spoke so well that even another phonetic learned couldn't distinguish her origin, and said that she was a foreign princess. Of course, she must have showed a whole change, not only her pronunciation but also her attitude, content of her words. From this, we got to know that the change of Eliza was totally successful. No one could know that she came from a lower class, and she was not a princess at all. She had been a real lady.

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