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Posted by Zoe.Y
Posted on Tue Jan 12 21:02:14 1999
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Journal: Whole Play
I think that this story is very interesting, which made me keep reading it to know what will happen next or what will happen to Eliza?
I think what make the whole play so interesting is the contrast with the class and the different attitude for money. Is a gentleman really a :gentle man;, or is just treated as gentle man? We can see the falseness in the upper society. For example, Mr. Dolittle was originally a lower class people, his life was totally changed by Higgins・ joke and became a rich man with morality. He had to pretend to, even doing the last thing he would do- marry Eliza・s mother, and he is surrounding by so many people who don・t care him when he was poor and all want to get money from him now. Does Mr. Dolittle really become a gentleman, or just be treated as a gentleman? How false the upper class is?
Take another example. Eliza was originally a poor flowergirl, working hard for her own living. She met Higgins and there・s one thing coming to her mind- he can teach her and improve her life. She didn・t know that it was only a joke or money is not enough to pay for such an expert. To her, word is the word and money is much enough and can buy anything. If Higgins and Pickering didn・t want play this game or have this kind of bet, how could she had such an opportunity? Since she was created to a lady, a duchess, but without money to support her status, what can she do? At first, Higgins might not consider about such a thing, but at last, he might think that Eliza will depend on him, or fall in love with him, so he needn・t consider more. To Higgins・ surprise, Eliza felt sick about his reckless, inconsiderate, she can・t bare it anymore, and she is ripe beyond the expectation of Higgins. She left him, and come to Freddy who may be inspirer to Higgins in many ways. Although Freddy isn't good enough, he never treat
Eliza as a animal, and really love her. Of course, she will
chose Freddy, she can be loved whole life happily, not to
love Higgins sadly. I think that the ending of the movie is too unbelieveable and crazy.
Throgh the whole thing,Eliza found that being a lady is beyond her imagination, she can・t sell anything anymore but herself. People in upper class talk nonsense, but having serious conversation. How boring? She found that she don't want to be a "lady",and she want to do something else. I felt happy for Eliza for her self-identy. To be a people in upper class aren't so happy, right?

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