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Journal [about the act 4]
1. What do the two men do when they get home?
They just took off all the overcoats, hat, and some kinds of bondage. All they want to do was relaxing without caring about Eliza. The only thing that came to their mind is that they had finished their experiment, and had no need to pay attention to Eliza・s behavior without knowing that they had already changed one woman・s life totally. So they just cared about their own tires but how Eliza feel afraid and nervous about her future. Take another example, Pickering and Higgins talked about leaving the overcoats and hats lying about in the drawing room which may mak e Mrs. Pearce row. They also talked about the letters. They could notice such little things but realizing what happened to Eliza is such a big shock to herself. We can see how they careless about Eliza.
2. Why does Eliza get Higgins・ slipper? Does he expect her to? Why is she upset
She couldn・t bare anymore and felt upset, because Higgins put much more emphasis on slipper then on her. Higgins didn・t realize the situation of Eliza. He may only think that Eliza should feel thankful about Higgins and maybe marry him and became a famous romance. But actually Eliza thought about more and wanted something different from and beyond what Higgins expect of Eliza.
2. How would you compare and contrast Eliza as a lady in Act 5 with Eliza as flowergirl in act 1 and 2?
In the beginning of this story, she thought that being a lady means that she can led a better living, selling flowers in the shop without selling in the street. But at the end, she realized that to be a lady is to do nothing but wait for or try to get a husband. She had no longer desired to be such kind of lady. She wanted to make her own living and has her own thoughts.
3. Why does she think getting married is like :selling herself;? Is her idea of buying and selling changed from those she expressed in acts 1 & 2?
She thought that she can・t sell anything but herself. She thought that being a lady is to heighten the price of herself that she can wait for the best gentleman to marry. She doesn・t want to sell herself because of self-esteem. At first, she wanted to buy the teaching of Higgins. Because she used to be a poor girl, the biggest trouble in her own life is money, she thought that money can buy anything. But after she led a living of high standard, needless to worry about money, she start to know that actually money can・t buy anything.
4. Toward the end of the act Eliza has another costume change. Does this change also suggest a change in Eliza?
She chose all the walking clothes, not those cute or beautiful or splendid. Walking dress, shoes, and hat mean that she became active, and wanted to become a working woman.
5. How does her relationship with Freddy differ from her relationship with Higgins?
Although Freddy didn・t like Higgins who had such a great skill and intelligence of language, Freddy can give her real love and treat her like a lady and care about her a lot. Higgins treated Eliza as a lower person, a monster, and a dirty under his shoes. Being with Higgins made her feel that she is always lower then him.

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