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Posted on Tue Jan 12 22:09:00 1999
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°„Act one°„
Act one offers an overview of the major characters in the play, or a microcosm of London society. Therefore, I will talk about all the characters one by one.
The character who showed up first was the Eynsford Hill-the mother, the daughter, and the son. I don't like the daughter, Clara. I think she was a little bit spoiled. She commanded her brother as her servant and the way she talked to her mother was not impolite at all. Her brother, Freddy, was asked to call a cab and he couldn't go back until he had a taxi. I think by that time, boys were taught to serve for ladies as gentlemen. I suggest that how they behaved was regarded as a kind of politeness. I think that people are stand in the same position. If you treat me well, I will treat you will, too. In other words, if you didn't, I won't treat well, either. However, in my opinion, Freddy didn't have to be like a gentleman because what his sister behaved was not like a lady at all. As for his mother, I don't know the main idea of the character that the author wanted to show. I suppose that she was just a model of such a society by that time. In comparison of the Hill and Eliza, I think Eliza was more independent and active. Because of the poor life, Eliza had to live her life on her own. Therefore, she sold flowers to support her life. Take Clara as an example, on the contrary, Clara was from a family. She had never worried about her food, her clothes, and the expense of life. Everyday, she went to different bulls, or went to see the art performance, or something else. In other words, her life was different from Eliza's. To join so many different social activities, Clara was taught much social etiquette. However, if I could grade what she was taught and learned, it was very apparently that she couldn't pass. As for the different treatment between Mr. Pickering and Mr. Higgins, I preferred the treatment of Mr. Pickering rather than Mr. Higgins. As we called him, Mr. Pickering was a gentleman.
He treated a flower girl as a duchess. In contrast, Mr. Higgins treated Eliza as a flower girl. I think, in their age, they had a strong feeling of class divisions. I suppose that the background of a person was very important. As for Eliza, she talked in strange English. By that time, they could recognize her as a low class girl because of her accent. Therefore, it was important for Eliza to learn how to make a correct pronunciation of English. That's the reason for Eliza going to Mr. Higgins.

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