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Posted on Tue Jan 12 23:03:33 1999
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When Eliza talks with Higgins and Pickering, she presents her view of being a lady, including the idea that ;the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated; Of course I agree with her, but in fact, the whole story happened in the past society of London. So I thought the reason why she had the statement was that she had been in the low class before. At that time, everybody viewed her as a flower girl and nobody showed respect to her. She wouldn・t and never think herself as a lady. But now, she became a lady and felt the respect from others, she knew she became a lady because people around her treated her like that.
If we use present vision to see Eliza・s point of view, we may ask what a lady is like. Perhaps the characters in this play might response that a lady means good manners, beautiful language, rich and social status. However, in recent time, we may think a lady is kind, friendly, pitiful, and willing to help others. These two kinds of ladies receive respect in their world. If we exchanged these two kinds of lady to different times, would they still be respected? I want to take Sister Terisa for example. As we know, she was a great and graceful woman in our world because of her sympathy and helping for the poor. Undoubtedly, we all viewed her as a lady. However, if she were born in the past society just like this play, would she still be respected? I don・t think so. She wouldn・t dress well or appeared in the party that was held by the rich. She would only be in the place where the poor gathered and never dressed well because all her property was given to them. Of course, nobody thought her as a lady for the concept of classes in the past society. They thought lady could only be used to rich ones.
It・s hard to judge what a real lady is. Everybody・s point of view is different, and so were Eliza and Higgins. Eliza said a lady should mean to be treated like a lady. But the way Higgins treated her was like a flower girl so Eliza didn・t feel well. Although she thought herself behaved like a lady, she couldn・t receive the agreement of Higgins・. In my mind, Higgins was the one that Eliza wanted the most to show her change. But his attitude was not as she expected, so she felt disappointed and said these words to him.

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