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Posted on Wed Jan 13 12:17:47 1999
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Act takes place when the ambassador party finished, and Higgins, Pickering, and Eliza went back to Higgins' house. As Pickering and Higgins arrived, they never stopped muttering that "It's finally over", not noticing Eliza's upset feeling. However, both of these men still have something different, which is though Pickering said that all the things are over and he felt tired, he thinks that the whole things are successful. He was satisfied and excited about Eliza's unexpectedly good performance. "Anyhow, it was a great success, a immense success." The reason he thought it's finally over is because of winning this bet had really taken so much time, money and efforts. Even if it took them so much, he was still excited about the exaggeratedly great and fruitful results. From the words he was so willing to describe what Eliza'd done in the party and how nervous he was at the garden party. For instance, Pickering asked Higgins that "Were you nervous at the garden party? I was. Eliza didn't seem a bit nervous." And " I was quite frightened once or twice because Eliza was doing so well." Though this we can also find out that he was praising and proud of Eliza. On the contrary, Higgins' words about the end of those whole things didn't show any praise and happiness at all. Like "but after that I got deadly sick of it. If I didn't backed myself to do it I should have chucked the whole thing up too months ago. It was a silly notion: the whole thing has been a bore." and these kinds of thoughts deeply hurt Eliza's heart easily. She was upset because she was so confused that "What was she fit for", "Where can she go", "What can she do", and "What would become of her". She was trying to ask Higgins to be kinder of her, and perhaps give her some directions and advice for her future. However, Higgins made her totally desperate after all, and it made the decisive outcome of the entire story.
Eliza knew that she couldn't go back to her original life-making life as a flower girl, because she thought her speech then was absolutely taught by Higgins, and she couldn't get back to the former place and do the same thing again. Even though Higgins suggested that Pickering could set up a flower shop for her at the corner of Tottenharm Court Road which she originally wanted to work in or considering about marrying somebody. Oddly enough, Eliza thought doing those things that Higgins said was like "selling herself". Perhaps she thought that was like marketing herself to any body. She'd owned her self-esteem already. Ironically, at first when she came to Higgins' home to asking for the lessons of being a lady, she called this as a "business". Then this obviously was a "buy and sell" behavior. Compared with those she was complaining about, it is a contradiction.

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