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Posted on Thu Jan 14 02:43:42 1999
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This play began at the scene where people sheltered into the portico of St. Paul・s church; this gave the possibility of the encounter of different classes. We can see class difference in language. In act I, the note taker said: A woman who utters such depressing and disgusting sounds has no right to be anywhere---no right to live. Even though he is a professor, he has no right to criticize a person like that. Still we see that he considered Elisa to be inferior because she can・t speak British English.
  Being rich, Higgins seemed not care about money. When Mr. Doolittle asked for money, he tended to give more then what Mr. Doolittle wanted. In contrast, Mr. Doolittle was too poor to afford morals, but he accepted it. He said: I・m undeserving; and I mean to go on being undeserving. I like it, and that・s the truth. He understood that he was undeserving but his need was more then a deserving man. That・s why he went to ask for money without embarrassing. However, Elisa can・t accept her father to be like that. In page53, Elisa said: taking money out of other people・s pockets into his own. His proper trade・s a navvy ; and he works at it sometimes tooXfor exerciseXand earn good money at it. Ain・t you going to call me Miss Doolittle any more? She will want to earn good money and respect. With the change of Mr. Doolittle, he has a different view of money. He thought that he was intimidated, worried, tired neck and heels. I think that Mr. Doolittle prefer not to be rich because he have to live for others not for himself.
  As for Elisa, she changes a lot and become a lady at the end. When she joined the at-home, she said something improper. At that time she can speak like a lady, but she doesn・t know manner that a lady should have. At the embassy, the hostess said: She must be a princess at least, and Nepommuck said so too. That・s the target of irony because Elisa is only a flower girl who have learned how to speak. At the time people cared too much about the accent which can be learned to reduce. A lady have manners, money and has to speak in proper English, but that doesn・t mean a girl who has the same quality can be in the upper class.
It is hard for me to say whether Elisa becomes an upper class people but in my opinion she is even more like a lady.

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