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I take the course of Irish Drama this semester, and I think that most dramas I have read this semester convey or reveal the ideology of modern Irish. To challenge the British authority to build their own nation is the ideal of Irish people. But in the revolt against British government, they also pay a highly price, lives of their fathers, husbands, and sons. Therefore, the other voice of maintaining the current situation and asking for peace comes out, which is against their previous ideal. In order to encourage people to join the revolt, the local assiciation and some playwrights recall the ancient heroic events to refresh and encourge young men to devote their passion to their country. But that the original idea of their ideal is to regain their national dignity that they deserve has changed to an aimless battle, killing their youth, destroying their cities, and making their economics poorer and poorer. However, they still do not give up. In another way, they want to maintain their own culture, which is more premordial than any another. In doing so, they reject all kinds of modern civilization, mostly from UK. The industrialization is the evil to their self-prouded culture. The progress and the future of Ireland are going nowhere, unable to be solve by any methods. The government and church remain their proposal and think that it is good for Ireland since it is the ideal from their ancestors; being stuck, the Irish can never have the dignity and the better life that they want.

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