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Decontructing the Myth of the Commerical of Diamond

There is a TV commercial of diamond named 都是鑽石惹的禍. I think there is a epistomological gap between
the producer and the viewer. From the producer's persepctive, the commercial means to transmit a message that
the boyfriend in the commercial is detracted by the brilliant diamond of a beautiful lady. However, as a viewer of
this commercial, I think that the boyfriend is actually attracted by the pretty lady. Supposedly it is a obasan
( 歐巴桑 ) with the necklace of diamond, I don't think the man will give her a glance. Maybe he will ask his
girlfriend to change another seat because seeing a narcisistic obasan makes him uneasy and uncomfortable.
In order to decode the myth of this commercial, we have to see the dominant way of seeing prevalent in the current
society--it is the image of beautiful woman. The specular enjoyment circulated in the commercials makes the audience accustomed to see the beautiful female images in the commercials and ads. On the other hand, from the diamond woman's dress, it is possible that she is the office lady with average income. The commercial conveys a message that if you are an economic independent woman, you should spend some money or save money to buy a diamond for yourself. It will make you more charming to attract man's attention. In this way, I would like to see the ideology of ocular images is the worship or fetishitic attachment of young and beautiful woman.

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