Subject Re: Response to M. Butterfly
Posted by Jennifer Tsai
Posted on Fri Jun 16 13:15:45 2000
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It's really interesting to see both structualism and poststructualism work in M Butterfly. In this text, we can see many obvious binary oppositions like male/female, colonized/ colonizer. power/powerless, and how these elements are reversed gradually. It all begins from the binary opposition exists inside the personality of Song. The character Song has binary opposition itself--male/female, colonizer/colonized. The conflict within Song lead to the conflicts and struggles happend to Galimard. I think the story is primarily an issue between a man and a woman, but when more complicated elements are involved, such as history, colonization, orientalism......these elements are meant to stengthen the power relation between Galimard and Song. These elements make the reversal more powerful and obvious.

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