Subject The Meaning of ˇ§Metaphorˇ¨
Posted by Elisa
Posted on Mon Dec 18 20:36:59 2000
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  There are nine lines in the poem, Metaphor, and each line has nine syllables. This pattern completes the meaning of the poem. There are many metaphors which are used to signify pregnancy. As we know, a mother will give a baby after nine months of pregnancy. The structure of nine lines and each line within nine syllables can give a useful cue to find out the ˇ§riddleˇ¨ that the writer uses to describe herself. It also suggests that the woman has been pregnant for nine months.
  The writer raises a question in the first line about ˇ§riddleˇ¨ and then gives metaphors to make the answer realized. The images in the following lines, such as ˇ§an elephant, a ponderous houseˇ¨ are used to describe the body figure of a pregnant woman. The description, ˇ§A melon strolling on two tendrils.ˇ¨ is especially vivid. This metaphor creates an interesting image that a pregnant woman whose legs are thin wears a heavy ball walking on the road.
  From the fourth to the sixth lines are the motherˇ¦s expectations of the unborn baby. She hopes that the baby will be sweet as the ˇ§red fruitˇ¨, as white as the ˇ§ivoryˇ¨, and good and fine as the ˇ§fine timbersˇ¨. However, when the fetus becomes bigger and bigger as ˇ§the loafˇ¦s yeasty risingˇ¨, the mother would spend more and more money on the unborn baby. Of course, the baby will become more and more valuable and meaningful to the mother. There are nine lines in the poem, and the writer gives the metaphors of the fetus in the middle lines of the poem, but the first three lines and last three lines all talks about the pregnant mother. This pattern presents the visional effect that the baby is ˇ§insideˇ¨ the mother. The arrangement of the lines strengthens the structure of the poem. The seventh line repeats the idea that the baby is living within inside her body.
  Then the writer talks about, ˇ§Iˇ¦ve eaten a bag of green applesˇ¨ instead of red apples for the pregnant women easily feels sick, and sometimes they like to eat something sweet and sour. Besides, the taste of green apples can be compared with the mood of a pregnant woman. After giving the metaphors, the woman makes a decision that she will not abandon the baby. It will be her responsibility to take care of the baby, and she can not regret.
  The pattern of the rhythm is a, b, b, c, b, d, e, b, d. I like this poem very much and I think that it is a really interestin

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