Subject Re: Foucauldian Discourse
Posted by AllyChang
Posted on Sun Jun 18 07:42:50 2000
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When I read Foucault's discourse, I found he brilliantly points out the impact the discourses bring to people. Through the ISA, borrowing from Althusser, it seems that any subversive could not possibly have any chance to transgress the authority because ideology has an invisible power to implant in people's mind deeply. Gradually, a certain notion or concept in ideology will no longer be removed because it already becomes a sense preconsciously or subconsciously. Here, I want to take a commercial "Famous" as an example to talk about how women have been washed their brain to take a slim body as a beautiful body. Body is always a concern for Foucault, who thinks that body is a site of power. Yes, in female bodies, I see much have logocenterism plays with their ideology to discipline female body. They educate women firstly through family then commercials and then "famous" in order to convey the idea that "fat is a sin" like notion. In family, mothers usually would nag at girls when they are getting fat, and say that "how can you get married if you are fatter and fatter? No one wants a fatty to be their wives." But it can be easily found that mothers would change their speech when girls are really thin as a lath. Well, mothers always contradict themselves. Apparently, the ideology also has been transfused in mothers. Therefore, girls become a site to receive mothers' preach.

In school, teachers keep teach girls how to be a disciplined girl, who always should be behaved. They cannot sit like that, cannot walk like that, cannot eat like that, etc. Why Not?? Because of ideology. In school, teachers have an institute to give lessons to girls. Finally, when girls grow up, they no longer need to go to school, and they also are learned about how to deal with their mothers' nagging; somehow, they cannot resist the attraction of "Famous." Various reasons cause girls voluntarily go into this institute to receive "punishment and discipline," such as boyfriends' request. However, there is another new version of Famous' commercial, and I think it indeed points out part of women's human nature--beauty pursuers. Attacking this weakness, women have no power to "resist" against male phallocentrism to practice their power of discourse over women in their bodies. Therefore, female bodies are determined to be the site of power, which is local and everywhere.

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