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Posted by hosanna
Posted on Wed Jun 21 09:26:16 2000
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Hosanna Chang

Response to Foucault・s :The Order of Discourse;
According to Foucault, the concept "the order of discourse" comes form Foucault's early attempt to find the repressed voice of the minority, such as madmen. The construction of knowledge is an ongoing process of excluding and annihilating others (discursive practice). By defining the difference and the diverted, the orthodox consolidates its dominant position. Then Foucault turns his attention to the infrastructure of the dominating institutionalized power, in Foucauldian term, the discourse. Foucault・s idea reminds me another group, the alcoholic. When one gets drunk, his mind is not as logic as he is sane. If the mad men are excluded from our society, then the drunkard in rational people・s eyes also should be neglected as long as they come back from sanity. In ancient China, we hail the genius of drunken poets, such as Li Pai and Chi Kang. People think that getting drunk can inspire them. However, nowadays, more and more research and statistics tell us that getting drunk will damage our mind. It ultimately damages both our body and our creativity. This new ideology starts to replace the old concept of drinking. In addition, studying the drunken people・s discourse also can be a study of one・s desire. Does the drinker・s discourse get out of the dominating institutionalized power? Sometimes, I think so. Alcohol seems offer drinkers a sudden courage to jump out of ideologilized environment.

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