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Posted on Mon Jun 12 22:37:55 2000
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Sophie Chen
Journal 3
Due: 2000/6/12
About Deconstruction
Deconstruction and structuralism is somehow a little bit opposite to each other. Although, deconstruction and structuralism both have binary in their reading strategies, the way they interpret the text meaning is quite different. In the theory of deconstruction, deconstruction has many reading strategies, but doesn't have regular rules to read the texts. Deconstruction is just like de-stabilize the texts, it shows the undecidability of a text's meaning. It shows the multiple meanings of a text. While structuralism has universal rules, has a center for readers to focus on. Its goal is to find out all the meaning hidden in the text.
Deconstruction highly emphasize the importance of readers' interpretation of texts, since readers' interpretation is not confined in certain centers or endings, it depends on how readers interpret the texts' meanings. Besides, the relationship between texts and contexts are also important, because it will also affect how readers interpret the texts.
Because deconstruction doesn't have fixed rules for readers to attack the text meanings, authors also cannot really control the readers' interpretation. Different readers may interpret the same text in many different viewpoints, even they may have opposite opinion with the authors. It only depends on how readers interpret the texts, since the text doesn't have a fixed or singular interpretation. It can have multiple meanings, the text meanings are undecidable, since the text meaning is decided by the interpreters. Hence, we can see that the relationship between the interpreter and the text is very important in the theory of deconstruction. Almost we can say that deconstruction studies the relationship between the interpreters and texts.

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