Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by SherylHsu
Posted on Wed Jan 3 20:16:18 2001
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In Reply to thoughts on good and bad sex

I agree Mindy・s idea about what the good or bad sex are mainly defined by the majority, but I don・t think people who undergone the transsexual operations can be considered as part of :bad sex;. I can understand that Mindy might considered about the idea of a person should cherish his/her body whatever the sex he/she is. However, I think those who made the decision to receive the operation had went through serious consideration since this kind of operation actually is a kind of :damage; for human・s body. I think those who would consider having this kind of operation all have their reason. Most of them consider themselves as the opposite gender, and cannot stand to stay in bodies that are not corresponding to their gender. My point is I don・t think the transsexuals shouldn・t be considered as a kind of :bad sex;.

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