Subject Re: thoughts on good and bad sex
Posted by Stacy
Posted on Thu Jan 4 14:01:23 2001
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Fist, I'm against the idea that change the sexual organ is considered bad for some people. According to people who has gone through this painful surgery, change their sexual organs make them feel more confident about themselves. They used to be self-denied and lack of confidence, because some of them thougt they are the opposite gender sychologically. I think God might make some minor mistakes sometimes. And exchanging their sexual organ did have positive effect on them. So why don't we just give them a break,and accept it.
However, I am in favor of this idea only if consulor can prove that the operation can heal the patient's inner problems.
Besides, I agree with Mindy's idea about monogamy and polygamy. The base we judge it as good or bad is controlled by the social belief system. We're controlled by those system so that we judge it as good or bad. Actually, most of the animals are polygamy, and we take this idea for granted. However, when it comes to the human beings, we think it is ethically wrong. I'm not against the idea of monogamy and in favor of the polygamy. I just think it all based on which social belif system we are in right now.

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