Subject I've Heard the Mermaid Singing
Posted by Andrea
Posted on Fri Jan 5 14:49:02 2001
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I was deeply impressed by one scene in this movie, which was when the main character, Poly fell off the building. At the beginning, Poly was climbing up the building, it showed that she was trying to get out of the social institution. Later on, she fell from the building and then started to fly in the sky. This revealed that although she failed to escape the social institution, she started to feel released and free from those limitations. This scene of falling down the building reminded me one play which was calledˇ¨ Shirley Valentine.ˇ¨ In the play, the main chacter, Shirley had mentioned that she always had an impulse of jumping off the roof. But whenever she wanted to do this, there was always something would stop her, such as her daughter would stop her by saying ˇ§You are too old to do that.ˇ¨ It seemed that Shirley was trapped and lost her confidence. Therefore, I think that the symbol of falling from a high place is quite thoughtful, because they were used as a symbol of struggling from one limitation and to find another world which is suitable for them.

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