Subject Re: Women's perspective of our own body.
Posted by Andrea
Posted on Fri Jan 5 15:18:42 2001
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In Reply to Women's perspective of our own body.

I think that Sandee's music vedio bring up several points. The first one is that should women's body be appreciated by men only? Of course not. It is "Women" who own their body, so why should their bodies are regared as "objects" of men's appreciation? It seemes that women are supposed to be what men like. Suddenly, women are not living for themselves, they are living for men, because they should be what men like. But is that true? I don't quite agree. I believe one Chinese ole says which says "女為悅己者容"which meansthat women's beauty are for themselves, not especailly for men. Besides, I also quite agree with what Stacy had mention that women should also enrich our mind as well.
And there is also one thing I saw in this music vedio. It seems that people will have the disire or curiosity to "peep" what other people are doing. It seems that peeping other people's privacy is funny. But I think this kind of action is terrible. See, if someone is trying to dig your privacy and spread them as gossips, like what the results of hidden camera may cause. It is really embrassing!

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